Curated Living - The Summer Shopping Guide Issue

Posted by Sofia Joelsson on 6/10/2016 to News
Curated Living Magazine - The Summer IssueTo travel, to get away, is a form of romance. Every summer, my inspiration for love and life is found in the depth of Capri. Each departure is the sweetest goodbye, tempered only by the joy I find in the special pieces I bring home with me. As one of the world's most wondrous inspirations, Capri is the captor of my heart and will continue to shine through in my design choices for many years to come.

Curated Living - The White Issue

Posted by Sofia Joelsson on 6/9/2016 to News
Curated Living - The Summer IsssueInspiration surrounds us everywhere, yet the moment when one is truly inspired can prove to be elusive. Curated Living's mission, simply stated, is to inspire. In our pages, we promote people who innovate, places that epitomize culture and romance, and trends that will influence popular tastes.

The Cushman School Gala 2015

Posted by Sofia Joelsson on 5/10/2015 to News
The Cushman School Gala 2015
One of my GREATEST pleasures is to support the local Cushman School (@CushmanSchool) and being able to give back to our community by raising funds for scholarship programs and educational purposes. I was so excited when I received my invitation and could hardly wait to find out what the Gala theme would be.