Curated Living’s mission, simply stated, is to inspire.

Inspiration surrounds us everywhere, yet the moment when one is truly inspired can prove to be elusive. In our pages, we promote people who innovate, places that epitomize culture and romance, and trends that will influence popular tastes. The magazine’s digital platform exists so that our readers are never limited only to our pages, as they possess the ability to instantaneously engage in additional content provided by our contributors and sponsors with the click of a mouse. Our editors curate the content for the pages of the issues, but it does not stop there. Once properly inspired, where it will end is for the reader to decide.


In celebration of her company SoJo Design’s twelfth year anniversary, Sofia Joelsson was inspired to create Curated Living Magazine. As a tribute to her journey and the relationships in the industry, it’s development came together organically. Joelsson is a highly respected and prominent figure in the world of interior design, art and architecture. Eponymous to luxury, her access reaches the archetype of elegance world wide.